Create a strava-sync.php file in your /config directory. This will allow you to use the following options. You can also use multi-environment options to change these per environment. The defaults are shown below.

return [
   '*' => [
      'clientId' => null,
      'clientSecret' => null,
      'loginRedirect' => '/',
      'onboardRedirect' => '',
      'defaultUserGroup' => null,
      'fieldMapping' => [],
      'scope' => ''

# Available Options

Option Type Description
clientId string Client ID from Strava API
clientSecret string Client Secret from Strava API
loginRedirect string Where users are sent when successfully logged in via Strava
onboardRedirect string Where users are sent to complete onboarding
defaultUserGroup integer The user group Strava users are in by default
fieldMapping array Map Strava data with User fields (See below)
scope string What data you want to access from a Strava users profile

# Field Mapping

You can map Strava athlete data to user fields once the user has authorised and registered. This can only be done via the strava-sync.php config file and the fieldMapping option.

'fieldMapping' => [
   'username' => 'id',
   'firstName' => 'firstname',
   'lastName' => 'lastname',
   'userGender' => 'sex',
   'userLocation' => 'country'

The key (E.g. username) is the Craft CMS field your mapping to, and the value (e.g. id) is the property from the Strava API Athelete GET

# Scope

When you make an oAuth request you need to tell Strava what you require from that user. You may not require access to all of a users Strava data, e.g. You may only require to get an Athletes Details and not their Activities. To put trust in users authorising your website to connec to their Strava account it's important to choose the correct scope value when we make a oAuth call to Strava.

The scope setting is a comma seperated list, by default this is:

read, activity:read, read_all, activity:read_all, profile:read_all

You can see a list of available scope options at under Details about requesting access.

# Control Panel

Some options might be customisable within the control panel by going to Settings → Strava Sync.