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Strava Sync

# Overview

Strava Sync is a Craft CMS plugin that lets you connect Strava with Craft CMS. Allowing users to login with Strava oAuth, get data from the Strava API (Athletes, activities, segments, routes etc)

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# Features

  • Login via oAuth
  • Automatically fills profile data (First Name, Last Name, Profile Photo etc)
  • Map additional athlete data to user fields (City, Country, Sex etc)
  • Get data from the Strava API (Athletes, activities, segments etc)
  • Sync data directly in to Craft CMS via Webhooks
  • Pane inside a user to show athlete data and if connected/disconnected to Strava
  • Table attribute column on 'Users' table, to show if user is connected/disconnected to Strava

# Editions & Pricing

Edition Price Renewal
Lite $59 $29

# Support

If you have any issues (Surely not!) then please post them on Github I'll aim to reply to these as soon as possible.

If it's a site-breaking-oh-no-what-has-happened moment, then hit me up on the Craft CMS Discord - @bymayo